YPI Unmask

Consumed: Teenaged Captives in a Media-Saturated Society

We are flooded with media messages– on billboards, television, magazines, internet, and more. We are saturated in it. Media comes to us in every waking moment, bombarding us with countless messages. What are these messages? Do they affect us in any way? Find out how the media has influenced you and your perspective, as you explore the world of the media with teens from the Youth Philanthropy Initiative. This session focuses on unmasking the negative effects of the media on teen-self perception by recognizing the harmful methods that modern media uses to permeate every aspect of our lives.  


Adam K. Seaman

Adam SeamanAdam is founder of Seaman Associates, a Tulsa-based executive coaching and consulting practice.  He has coached extensively with individuals, consisting of business and education leaders, entrepreneurs, non-profit executives and creative professionals.
Adam has consulted to such organizations as Allied Signal, Equity Residential, Ford, Pepsi, Williams and University of Oklahoma on organizational development issues.  These services focused on facilitating the implementation of improvements in individual, team and organizational performance.
Adam earned a MA in Organizational Communication Consultancy from Oklahoma State University.  He was awarded “Outstanding Contribution to Human Resource Development” through the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).  He has served in leadership roles with ASTD-Tulsa Chapter, International Association of Business Communicators and Tulsa Area Human Resources.  His work has been published in several coaching and consulting journals including Consulting Today.
In addition, Adam has served on the board for several non-profit organizations, including Tulsa Global Alliance, Heritage Academy and recently was the 2003 Board President for Leadership Tulsa.  He was named as one of the top 40 Tulsans under the age of 40 in Tulsa People Magazine and one of the top 40 Oklahomans under the age of 40 by The Journal Record. 
Adam is the director of the Youth Philanthropy Initiative, a leadership program for teens funded by the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation.  This 3-year program teaches teens what it means to be a philanthropist and change agent.


Lindsey MitchellLindsey Mitchell is a senior who is supplementing a traditional education of academic courses taken online with a curriculum involving traveling and volunteer service. She has volunteered locally to mentor 2nd grade students at a local elementary school and is very involved in her church’s youth group. Over the past year she has been able to travel to Panama and the Dominican Republic on mission trips where she fitted people with glasses and developed her public speaking skills through preaching.  She became involved in YPI before her sophomore year and has been devoted to the project ever since. In February of this year, she worked closely with OU-Tulsa to plan the annual Seed Sower Series that culminated in the Unmask presentation. Lindsey enjoys baking, reading ,traveling and playing the piano.

Lindsay PierceMy name is Lindsay Pierce and I am a senior at Booker T. Washington High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have one younger sister named Megan, and she is a freshman at Booker T. Washington. This year, I am in the IB Diploma Program (International Baccalaureatte), and I plan on receiving my diploma at the end of my senior year. I am highly involved in music, and I have been playing the piano for thirteen years. This year, I won first place in the Rotary Club of Tulsa’s Crescendo Music Awards, and I also received the Miriam-Spindler Lynch piano scholarship from the Hyechka Club of Tulsa. In the Tulsa community, I am a volunteer for the Tulsa Zoo. In October of 2008, I was one of seventeen high school students selected from around the world to attend the Polar Bears International Leadership Camp in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada (Polar Bear Capital of the World) to study the effects of global warming on the polar bears. On this trip, I represented the Tulsa Zoo, as well as the state of Oklahoma. I am also a member of Cohort 3 of the Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI). YPI is an organization dedication to educating teens about the importance of grant making and leadership in the community. We have received a grant from the Charles and Lynn Schustermann Family Foundation of Tulsa to create a program unmasking the negative effects of the media on teen self-perception. I am also a member of the Varsity tennis team at Booker T. Washington, and I play #1 Doubles. My plate is always full, but I am very passionate about every aspect of my life. After I graduate from high school, I would like to attend Northwestern University in Chicago and double major in music and journalism, while taking a minor in environmental studies. My dream career is to be a music critic in order to write about the music that I love. Although I am a driven and passionate young woman, I would not be where I am today without the love and support from my family, and because of this I will be forever grateful.
Jack RamseyJack Ramsey is a senior at Holland Hall School, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He is also an active member of Youth Philanthropy Initiative Cohort 3.  Since YPI began, he was spent time selecting the an issue, drafting a strategy, and running a documentary.  Currently, he is on the Outreach Committee, where he has helped manage and the Unmask presentation and speech.  Apart from YPI, Jack plays varsity soccer at Holland Hall and works a part time job as a math tutor.  When YPI finishes, Jack hopes to be involved in similar projects while he attends college.

Parth SinghParth Singh is a senior at Jenks High School and a member of the Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) in Tulsa - a 3 year program motivating high school students for social change. As chair of the Outreach committee at YPI, Parth has been working with his cohort to spread awareness on 'Media's influence on teen self-perception' by reaching youth and adults in the community. He helped organize the Seed Sowers Series in 2009 in collaboration with OU-Tulsa to spread awareness about the negative impacts of the media on everyday life. Along with YPI, Parth is also active in his school in Key Club where he serves as Lieutenant Governor for Division25W and as board member in charge of the Habitat for Humanity project, which he started at Jenks High School last year. The Habitat for Humanity project at Jenks encourages key club members to volunteer their time and efforts at the local Tulsa Habitat affiliate thus fostering a symbiotic relationship within the community. Parth is also an avid fourth year debater and has enjoyed success at many fronts in local and state level debate competitions.


Sheyda ZakerionSheyda Zakerion is a senior at Union High School. She has been in Student Council for six years and has served as Service Officer and Student Council Vice President. Aside from Student Council She is involved in National Honor Society, Youth Philanthropy Initiative, and Fusion Youth Group. She is a graduate of Youth Leadership Oklahoma and was Miss Union Royalty of 2010. She also played a big role in designing the recycling program at her school. Sheyda plans to attend Colorado State University and major in Social Work. After earning her degree, she plans to join the Peace Corps and serve for a two-year term.