Rosa Parks Elementary School
Community School
Union Public Schools
13702 E. 46th Place South
Tulsa, OK 74134
Principal: Karen Vance

Rosa Parks Elementary

Bedlam Clinic Hours:
The Bedlam Clinic opened in August 2006 and serves ***** families. In the fall, this site also serves as flu shot clinic. This service is free to those in the community who would like to receive an annual flu shot.

Contact Information: 918-660-3614

School History:
Opened in August 2006, Rosa Parks is the 12th elementary school in the Union School District. For the school year 2006-2007 there were 475 students enrolled including students in early head start programs through fifth grade. It serves as a community school through the Tulsa Area Community School Initiative.

Community School Concept:
Tulsa and Union Public Schools are participating in the community schools concept. This program is supported by TACSI (Tulsa Area Community Schools Initiative) and SUNS (Schools Uniting Neighborhoods for Student Success). Community schools serve as a center hub of the community providing nurturing environments and enriching opportunities to promote successful learning. The designated community school works with students, families, community members and partners to promote academic success while strengthening the community.

District Information:
During the 2005-06 school year, Union Schools reported (district wide) the student body consisted of:

American Indian: 7.5%
African American: 8.7%
Caucasian: 72.9%
Hispanic: 6.1%
Special Education Students: 7.8%

 “Sometimes you need to stop talking, roll up your sleeves and do things differently.”
Gerard Clancy, M.D.
President, OU-Tulsa
Dean, OU College of Medicine, Tulsa