Bedlam Longitudinal Clinic
1111 South St. Louis Ave.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120

Clinic hours of operation: Every Tuesday 1:30-5:00pm

Bedlam Longitudinal Clinic was created in August 2006 and serves patients who have been referred by the Bedlam evening clinics. This clinic serves individuals who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, such as diabetes or hypertension. The clinic is one of the first of its kind to follow the uninsured, chronically ill patients on a monthly basis. Staffed predominately by faculty from Family Practice and Internal Medicine physicians and students, this clinic provides free medical services to underserved individuals who otherwise would not receive on-going treatment. The goal of the clinic is to form a triadic relationship over time between medical student, attending, and patient. Maintaining continuity to patients through commitment to the group practice is the essential element in this project.

Clinic staff use a ‘round up’ and ‘round down’ approach before and after every clinic session. Prior to opening of the clinic, staff gather ‘round up’ which is to discuss each patient, what services/treatments are needed, and the history of the patient. At the end of every clinic, staff gather to ‘round down’ – which is to brief each other on each patient and create a plan to follow the patient over the next month.

This clinic provides an essential teaching component to OU medical, pharmacy, nursing and social work students. Hands-on training strengthens clinical skills, overall curriculum and cultural competency while orienting students to poverty and underserved health issues and fostering an appreciation for volunteerism and efficient clinic operation.



 “Sometimes you need to stop talking, roll up your sleeves and do things differently.”
Gerard Clancy, M.D.
President, OU-Tulsa
Dean, OU College of Medicine, Tulsa