Free Evening Clinics
1111 South St. Louis
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120

Hours of operation:
Tuesday & Thursday Evenings
Patients assessed by triage nurse

Originating in 2003 and in direct response to an economic recession in Tulsa, the free evening clinic was the first Bedlam outreach program. Staffed predominately by volunteer physicians and students, this clinic provides free medical services to underserved individuals.

The evening clinic provides an essential teaching component to OU medical, pharmacy, nursing and social work students.  Hands-on training strengthens clinical skills, overall curriculum and cultural competency while orienting students to poverty and underserved health issues and fostering an appreciation for volunteerism and efficient clinic operation.

Since opening in 2003 – the free evening clinic has provided medical services to over ____ individuals in need of care and conducting ____ number of clinic visits. In the fall, this site also serves as flu shot clinic. This service is free to those in the community who would like to receive an annual flu shot.

Patients can be seen in Bedlam free evening clinic and follow up, docvia, and specialty clinics.



 “Sometimes you need to stop talking, roll up your sleeves and do things differently.”
Gerard Clancy, M.D.
President, OU-Tulsa
Dean, OU College of Medicine, Tulsa