National Significance

 Assertions concerning the extent to which Bedlam can serve as a national model of responsive health care to people struggling with poverty through university-community collaboration.  



The university’s civic engagement within the area of health care holds national significance.


The institutional leadership of OU Medical School Tulsa and Shusterman Center can serve as a case example documenting how civic engagement in the provision of health care evolves in higher education.

There are unique university-local community collaborations that imbue Bedlam with both local and national significance.


A core property of the Alliance involves the many and varying collaborations that facilitate developing and sustaining actual health care delivery sites at the local level.  Thus, collaboration itself can serve as a unit of analysis and produce useful case studies revealing how Bedlam clinics form, evolve and are sustained.  

Bedlam and its practices hold national significance for curriculum innovation in the health sciences.    

While nascent, curriculum development in multiple health science disciplines and in transdisciplinary practice is a fruitful area for both developmental and formative evaluation.

Because of its national significance, Bedlam is well positioned to capture funds from national sources including major foundations and federal sources.  


National funders will recognize the national significance of Bedlam and its evolution locally using different resources.  These national funders will want other communities to learn about how the Alliance has formed and the nature of its health care delivery in multiple local communities.